Developing New E-Book Covers

Since last night, I have been toying with some ideas for new covers for my e-books in order to generate interest in my works and thereby increase sales.  I have tried to create eye-catching designs.  Let me know what you think.  I have already incorporated a few into my works.  See how they compare to … Continue reading Developing New E-Book Covers

From Rare Horror: 5 Awesome Horror Book Covers

Check out the cool covers in this article from the folks over at Rare Horror.  These remind me of ones I see going through those second-rate, family-run,  second-hand bookstores that you find in side streets and back alleys (if you are lucky enough to find ones with the covers intact and not torn off):   5 Awesome Horror Book … Continue reading From Rare Horror: 5 Awesome Horror Book Covers

Slattery’s Digital Horror

  For a change of pace I thought that for tonight's blog, I would simply post a few digital images I created from photos using Photoshop a few years back  One is called "Death Calls the Tune".  I made it from a photo I took of a fiddler at a Renaissance fair.   The second is called "Dancing … Continue reading Slattery’s Digital Horror

Thunder in Writing

About 2:00 a.m. on December 6, on the drive home after visiting my sister and her husband, I was contemplating where I want to go with my current work-in-progress.  I am loathe to give away the plot, so suffice it to say that it involves a scientist that travels to another planet and tours it with a  fellow scientist from … Continue reading Thunder in Writing

Notes on “The Martian Chronicles”

  Someone once told Ray Bradbury that "The Martian Chronicles" was not prose, but poetry.  Technically, he was probably wrong, but in spirit truer words were probably never spoken. I have a habit of reading several books at once.  I will pick up one, read a few pages (unless it is so engrossing that I … Continue reading Notes on “The Martian Chronicles”

Selections from The Writer’s Home Companion

The other day I happened to find my copy of The Writer's Home Companion (by James Charlton and Lisbeth Mark, 1987), which I had lost/forgotten some time back. I have been perusing it since and have found several anecdotes on various authors of horror, which had not captured my attention when I purchased the book, because I was not interested in writing … Continue reading Selections from The Writer’s Home Companion

At the Midpoint of “The Dream-Quest of the Unknown Kadath”

One of the several books I am reading currently is an anthology of Lovecraft's dream cycle.    Its story that I am reading now is "The Dream-Quest of the Unknown Kadath".   I wrote up my views on the work today for and thought I would share them here as well (though in a slightly modified … Continue reading At the Midpoint of “The Dream-Quest of the Unknown Kadath”

Crazy Accordion Skills and the Art of Writing

I just saw this video on a man with Crazy Accordion Skills on Amazing and Crazy Videos on Facebook and it started me thinking.  If literature is living vicariously for both writer and audience, how could I describe the experience this gentleman is having so that my readers live it?  What is he feeling emotionally, … Continue reading Crazy Accordion Skills and the Art of Writing

H.R. Giger’s Necronomicon

  If you are not familiar with the works of Swiss artist Hans Rudolf Giger, you are probably familiar with movies that use his art: the Alien series, Poltergeist II, Batman Forever, and Prometheus among others.  Though his works are considered surreal or of science fiction rather than horror, to me there seems to be something of … Continue reading H.R. Giger’s Necronomicon

Hieronymus Bosch

Long before I developed an interest in the literature of horror, I developed an interest in painting (though I am not much of a painter myself).  One of the painters who has always fascinated me is Hieronymus Bosch, a Dutch painter who lived from circa 1450 to 1516.  The work above is typical of his … Continue reading Hieronymus Bosch

Zombie Response Unit 23 Car 54

I was taking the dog to the vet in Farmington (New Mexico) this morning, trying to come up with a subject for my daily blog, when I saw this car ahead of me.  Of course, I followed him until he stopped in a parking lot, and then I asked his permission to photograph his vehicle and … Continue reading Zombie Response Unit 23 Car 54

Russian Cthulhu Nesting Dolls

I mentioned yesterday that German was my first major at college.  Russian was my second.  Therefore I had to dive into Russian horror at least a bit today to satisfy my curiosity.  So I did a quick search on Google Images and found out that Russian horror is apparently alive and well. The most interesting … Continue reading Russian Cthulhu Nesting Dolls