Sean Connery Has Died at Age 90

If you haven't heard, this morning CNN is reporting that Sean Connery has died peacefully in his sleep. Of course, he was one of my favorite actors from the time I was a child. He is one of the first actors I remember from my childhood. Having been born in 1957, I grew up with … Continue reading Sean Connery Has Died at Age 90

Notes on “The Possession Experiment”

About 3:00 I finished talking to my wife (in Texas) via Messenger intending to go to bed soon. But first, I thought, I will watch a little of a movie on Amazon. In all the times I have told myself that, it has never worked out as I planned. I chose the 2016 horror flick … Continue reading Notes on “The Possession Experiment”

Incredible Documentary of Lizard and Snakes

Possibly the greatest scene in documentary history. Incredible. — Akki (@akkitwts) September 14, 2020 I ran across this video on Twitter and just had to share it, though it has nothing to do with writing or literature. It would make a good story or even an Aesop's fable. It has drama and is … Continue reading Incredible Documentary of Lizard and Snakes

The Saturday Night Special: Voskhod

This is a hell of a good movie. Though it is short, it packs a terrific punch. This is a true guy's flick though about male bonding between a ham radio operator and a cosmonaut stranded in space in 1966. Although this isn't horror, I felt it is good enough to let as many people … Continue reading The Saturday Night Special: Voskhod

Cinefix on Dialogue; My Thoughts on Movies as Part of the Storytelling Art

  Cinefx's focus is, naturally, on movies vs. writing. However, I have seen this video at least three to four times and it is one of the best analyses of what dialogue is. Watching this for the first time was enlightening. I learn a lot about how to write from studying movies. After all, movies … Continue reading Cinefix on Dialogue; My Thoughts on Movies as Part of the Storytelling Art

Review of The Pool (2018)

Follow this link to the Imdb article on The Pool. The Pool is a 2018 Thai (Thigh--if you are keeping up with current political events) horror movie about a man (Day) who find himself trapped in an empty, deep swimming pool with no way out. Things get considerably worse when his girlfriend (Koy) and then … Continue reading Review of The Pool (2018)

Film Review: “Body Bags” (1993)

Last night, I managed (we live in a remote part of Arkansas) to hook up Roku to our bedroom TV and finally get a decent stream of TV into said bedroom. Now my wife, on summer vacation from teaching, has spent much of last night and today watching Shudder (I more than she having had … Continue reading Film Review: “Body Bags” (1993)

Review: The Witch in the Window (2018)

Last night/early this morning, my wife and I watched The Witch in the Window (2018, directed by Alex Mitton) on Shudder. This is one movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat and has an ending that was disturbing yet somewhat comforting. The movie involves a divorced father who takes his estranged … Continue reading Review: The Witch in the Window (2018)

Review of Titus Andronicus, October 13, 2019

After I watched Equus on Sunday, I decided to ramp up the drama into horrific tragedy by watching Julie Taymor's  bizarre 1999 film version of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus. This film is bloody enough in its own right, but it transcends the usual graphic horror found in Stephen King novels or teen slasher flicks by showering the … Continue reading Review of Titus Andronicus, October 13, 2019

Review: “Equus” the Movie (1977)

On Sunday, I watched Equus (1977) starring Richard Burton and Peter Firth. This is a powerful movie. When I first heard about Equus, I thought it would focus entirely on the character of Alan Strang, an English teenager who blinds six horses and is sent to a mental institution by the courts. However, the movie (I have … Continue reading Review: “Equus” the Movie (1977)

Review of “Overlord”

If you are a stickler for historical accuracy, Overlord is probably not for you.  The most glaring error I saw was Whites and African-Americans serving in the same paratrooper unit.  During the Second Word War, combat units were segregated.  Black personnel had their own units, although some African-Americans did serve in white units in a … Continue reading Review of “Overlord”

Kazuo Ishiguro: A Review of the Film Versions of The Remains of the Day and Never Let Me Go

Last week while in Albuquerque, I attended the Tuesday night meeting of Southwest Writers.  It was a pleasant evening with Jim Tritten giving an enjoyable and quite professional  presentation on why writers should write short stories (he had a long list of reasons, which I won't even try to list here, but they were on … Continue reading Kazuo Ishiguro: A Review of the Film Versions of The Remains of the Day and Never Let Me Go