Update: Shadows and Stars, Lycanthrope

I haven't written more on Shadows and Stars recently. I am deciding on a major revision or two and on the final length. I have resurrected the first novel I worked on way back in the 90's: Lycanthrope. This is my take on the legends of werewolves but set in present-day rural Arkansas. I am … Continue reading Update: Shadows and Stars, Lycanthrope

July 10, 2020 Update: Equus and Writing Incommunicado

I started reading Equus awhile back, and, even though I was enjoying it, put it aside for whatever reason and didn't get back to it until a few days ago. This is a fascinating story, definitely drama and tragedy, but also something of horror as well. It is based on an actual event the author … Continue reading July 10, 2020 Update: Equus and Writing Incommunicado

Review of Titus Andronicus, October 13, 2019

After I watched Equus on Sunday, I decided to ramp up the drama into horrific tragedy by watching Julie Taymor's  bizarre 1999 film version of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus. This film is bloody enough in its own right, but it transcends the usual graphic horror found in Stephen King novels or teen slasher flicks by showering the … Continue reading Review of Titus Andronicus, October 13, 2019

Review: “Equus” the Movie (1977)

On Sunday, I watched Equus (1977) starring Richard Burton and Peter Firth. This is a powerful movie. When I first heard about Equus, I thought it would focus entirely on the character of Alan Strang, an English teenager who blinds six horses and is sent to a mental institution by the courts. However, the movie (I have … Continue reading Review: “Equus” the Movie (1977)

Review of “Dancing at Lughnasa”

Yesterday, I saw Dancing at Lughnasa for the first time at San Juan College's Little Theatre.    The play was written by Brian Friel and directed by Daniel Sullivan.   Dancing at Lughnasa premiered in Dublin in 1990 and won the Tony Award in 1992. This was a poignant, innovative production. Dancing at Lughnasa is about a … Continue reading Review of “Dancing at Lughnasa”