Seeking Review of Click

I have a copy of Click that is lying around collecting dust. If anyone would like to review it, I will send it to you via USPS. Synopsis: Frank Martinez is a south Texas police officer, who has retreated to a small island to recover from the guilt of having killed an unarmed man while … Continue reading Seeking Review of Click

My Horror Memories on the Bleeding Critic: Hellraiser I was looking for new reviews of my work on the Internet when I ran across this blast from the past. This is a video of me talking about the first movie that truly terrified me: Hellraiser. I made this video in 2015 and submitted it to The Bleeding Critic. This was the first … Continue reading My Horror Memories on the Bleeding Critic: Hellraiser

Film Review: “Body Bags” (1993)

Last night, I managed (we live in a remote part of Arkansas) to hook up Roku to our bedroom TV and finally get a decent stream of TV into said bedroom. Now my wife, on summer vacation from teaching, has spent much of last night and today watching Shudder (I more than she having had … Continue reading Film Review: “Body Bags” (1993)