Review of “Overlord”

If you are a stickler for historical accuracy, Overlord is probably not for you.  The most glaring error I saw was Whites and African-Americans serving in the same paratrooper unit.  During the Second Word War, combat units were segregated.  Black personnel had their own units, although some African-Americans did serve in white units in a … Continue reading Review of “Overlord”

Review of “The Disappointment’s Room”

I am not very enthralled with "The Disappointment's Room" .  I started to nod off to sleep once and I found myself checking my e-mail when a major denouement occurred.  Nonetheless, it's an okay film to which I give a C+ (slightly above average). It's  a typical, low-key haunted house plot.  A family consisting of a mother, father, and … Continue reading Review of “The Disappointment’s Room”

Hold onto your seat at “Don’t Breathe”!

Pay full ticket price to see this at the first opportunity.   This is one hell of a suspenseful movie.  I'm old enough that I fall asleep in action movies and shoot'em-ups if they flag the least in holding my attention.  I sat on the edge of my seat like a teenager through this entire flick, … Continue reading Hold onto your seat at “Don’t Breathe”!

Slattery’s Art of Horror Now Takes Submissions and Announcements

If you have a bit of horror flash fiction or poetry you would like to see published on this blog, go to my submissions page for guidelines.  I would like to see more original fiction and poetry published here in any short form from narratives to any type of poetry (including the experimental and off-beat) to short plays … Continue reading Slattery’s Art of Horror Now Takes Submissions and Announcements