Joke from the Old Tonight Show

Last night, I was watching reruns of the old Tonight Show with Johnny Carson on YouTube, when Carson told a joke that I feel obligated to share with the modern, more politically correct world to help them lighten up. Do take into consideration that I have had 4-5 margaritas at this ponit and I am old enought to remember episodes of the Tonight Show from the 70’s.

A man went to Mars and when he returned to Earth a friend asked him what Martian women are like. He replied that they are the same as Earth women except their breasts are on their backs.

“That’s really strange,” said his friend.

“Yeah, but it’s great for dancing,” he replied,

Hasta luego.

Off on a tangent for a moment…

I saw this on Twitter and just had to share it, if for no other reason, than to caution the younger generation not to judge a book by its worn and tattered cover.