Humor for the Day from Twitter (Warning: Foul Language)

Someone’s children are having fun with Alexa. I just tried this with mine and it’s hysterical.

Off on a tangent for a moment…

I saw this on Twitter and just had to share it, if for no other reason, than to caution the younger generation not to judge a book by its worn and tattered cover. 

Is someone not telling me something?

131019_0002 (1)Over the last few days I have noticed this sign in front of a sporting goods store in Farmington, New Mexico.  This is the same town where I saw the Zombie response vehicle several months ago (if you didn’t see the post, I have included one of the photos below).   My question is:  does everyone else know something I don’t?  🙂

Here’s the car I saw several months ago a mile or two from where the sign is located.  It seems Farmington is getting ready for something.  Maybe Farmington is expecting to be the zombie capitol of New Mexico. 130218_0002