Personal note: Takis’s Shelter

I found this video after coming home from walking my own dog, Sara, who looks very much like dog #2, Phoenix, who is shown above in the thumbnail for th video. They seem to be of the same breed: German short-haired pointers. Both are

Sara at home in Arkansas, 2019

black, though most German short-haired pointers are mostly white and usually speckled. Sara is very gentle, like Phoenix is at the end of his story.  I hate to think there are people out there who would intentionally mistreat a dog or any harmless animal, but I have seen this several and have heard of many such cases. It is always heartbreaking to think of what some dogs suffer at the hands of heartless, cruel humans. Sara had been fortunate and had been well cared for and trained. She has been a blessing to us since we adopted her.

This video really touched my heart, because we picked up Sara from the Farmington dog pound. She and two sisters had belonged, so the people at the pound said, to an old lady who had passed away. They had already given away Sara’s two sisters. When I saw Sara, I knew she was the one for us. We were looking for a dog that day, because our previous one, Brownie, had died the day before from an exceptional sensitivity to some ailment, which was not fatal to most dogs.

Sara at home in New Mexico, circa 2018

If you need a pet, I urge you to adopt one from your nearest shelter. There are many wonderful dogs out there in need of a home.

Take care.


Off on a tangent for a moment…

I saw this on Twitter and just had to share it, if for no other reason, than to caution the younger generation not to judge a book by its worn and tattered cover.