A Change of Pace: Rick Grime vs. Walter White, an Epic Rap Battle of History

If you haven’t seen the Epic Rap Battles of History Channel on YouTube, you are missing out on one of YouTube’s most enjoyable channels.  Here are two of today’s most famous fictional characters in a duel to the musical death.

YouTube Video: Edgar Allan Poe vs. Stephen King in Epic Rap Battles of History

After how many years of doing this and watching YouTube, I have finally found that I can post YouTube videos here. I hope to be using them for a lot of my Saturday Night Specials. These will be a lot easier for me to post than writing an article or copying and pasting a story. It should make things more entertaining for you as well. Tomorrow’s Saturday Night Special will be an animated version of “Dagon” by H.P. Lovecraft. Be sure to join me for the fun. I will explore other media I can include in my posts as well and bring the blog into the 21st century. This newly recognized capability intrigues me. I may make a few videos of my own and post them here. You will finally be able to hear my voice.

So let’s start this off with a fun video.  Epic Rap Battles of History: Stephen King vs. Edgar Allan Poe.

Epic Rap Battles of History is one of my favorite YouTube channels. They square off famous figures from a wide variety of fields in rap battles like the one you are about to see.

Let me know what you think.

I apologize for any commercials, but that’s YouTube. You should be able to wait them out or skip them if they are over five seconds long.