Minty Comedic Arts and the Scariest Ice Cream Commercial

As you may know, I love YouTube. I watch it instead of regular broadcast TV and even in place of cable/pay TV. Its 10-15 minute programs really appeal to my short attention span that wants to hop constantly from subject to subject.

Just now, I finished watching one of the weirdest yet also one of the best YouTube videos I have seen.

This is on Minty’s Comedic Arts, a YouTube channel based in Australia and which focuses movie reviews, usually along the lines of horror. This is one of my favorite channels. Mark Bishop, the host, does a terrific job of bringing out the fascinating highlights of movies while still being entertaining.

Tonight (I saw it tonight; the video was actually produced two years ago), Minty talked about the scariest/ weirdest commercial he ever saw. Now that I have seen it, I have to say that it is the scariest, weirdest commercial I have ever seen.

I bring it up here, because it is somewhat dark and it was influence by famed horror filmmakers such as David Cronenberg, director of ScannersVideodromeThe Dead Zone, The Fly, A History of Violence, Eastern Promises, et cetera.

This video is so weird yet so brilliant in so many ways. I love the way Mark Bishop presents this in a way that is quite suitable for the bizarre nature of the film.

I will stop here. Watch the video. Let me know your impressions.

Alternate Ad For A Tale of Hell and Other Works of Horror

I am testing this to see how effective it might be if I used in marketing channels (keywords, links, etc.) other than the ones I have been using for it.

Ad for A Tale of Hell
New ad created August 19, 2020.

Ad for A Tale of Hell

Ad for A Tale of Hell
New ad created August 19, 2020.

As I mentioned yesterday, four of my flash horror stories I have been accepted for publication in Ezine 51. The publishers have also offered to run a full-page ad in the issue for a very reasonable $10. I have submitted the ad shown. Let me know what you think of it. I will use it again as the opportunity arises.

Sirens Call required that the ad be 1100 px x 850. This did permit me to use only the painting, because the text would cover too much of it. Therefore I shrunk the painting down on Pixlr E and filled the background with black so that the painting would appear to be coming out of the darkness, which is appropriate for Hell. It’s like you are looking through the smoke and darkness to see the fight. It also allows all the other colors to appear bright.

The most important text was the book title, particularly “A Tale of Hell” since that carries the most impact and with the painting conveys in an instant the most important emotions and archetypal ideas the book conveys. So I made that the biggest text in white to stand out the most against a dark background. I was trying to give the ad a three-dimensional feel.  Then of course I put the remainder of the title in white but smaller. I lined it up so that it didn’t cover the faces of the figures behind it. This also gives the title a feel of hanging out in the air as you watch the fight and the people and demon behind it. People’s vision and attention key on faces, so it’s important not to cover those.

The next most important text I put in yellow.

I put my own name in red and rather small, so that it doesn’t detract from the fight, but is still well visible yet almost blends into the background.

I used Pixlr E to make the ad and chose the fonts from there. I wanted the title to pop out like a movie title and to have a feel that it might be used on a sign in Hell so I chose a font that is more formal, something that looks like it was made by a professional. For the yellow text I chose something that would look like it might be found scrawled on a wall in Hell. Not using the same font as I did for the title makes it stand out more from the rest of the text. I chose a simple, narrow font for my name, so that it would stand out from the other text, yet it would be quite legible.

I found out just now that Siren’s Call accepted the ad. It will run in their Fall/Halloween issue.

Many heartfelt thanks to Siren’s Call for both publishing my works and my ad.