Excellent Summary of Werewolf Lore

As you know, I have been working on a novel about a modern lycanthrope, called, appropriately, Lycanthrope. I researched werewolves sometime back as well as werewolf movies and videos. This video from YouTube's Top 5 Scary Videos is an excellent, detailed, quick and dirty summary of werewolf lore from the historical perspective. I will post … Continue reading Excellent Summary of Werewolf Lore

Really, what is horror?

H.P. Lovecraft by Mirror Cradle I like the illustration above, not only because it shows Lovecraft in the throes of creation, but also because it can be a metaphor for anyone in the deepest and darkest of contemplations or beset with a multitude of woes.  For now, though, I will say that it represents Lovecraft contemplating … Continue reading Really, what is horror?