The Saturday Night Special: Christopher Lee Reads Edgar Allan Poe

I ran across this on YouTube some time back, but only today decided that it would make an excellent Saturday Night Special for Halloween night.

Christopher Lee is one of the most recognized horror icons of the 20th century. His reading of the works of Poe is spine-chilling. I hope you enjoy them.

Update of October 29, 2019: William Peter Blatty Reads The Exorcist (audiobook)

Taken from the Audiobook cover on YouTube.

Last night, I started listening to The Exorcist, read by its author (William Peter Blatty) on Youtube.  This is great stuff. Blatty has a terrific voice for narrating horror.  I recommend listening to it, particularly as Halloween is rapidly approaching. I am not far into it now, The narrative is approaching the evening party where Regan first shows evidence of her possession to the world.