Poll: Changing The Chamber’s Logo

Take this opportunity to share your thoughts on a decision facing The Chamber.

The Chamber Magazine

I am considering changing The Chamber’s logo from this one, whom I call Orly (picked by a random name generator) for ease of reference:


to this one, which I am calling Damnatia until I come up with something better:


Though I have always liked Orly for her stare, mysterious look, simple composition, and the unusual element of her hand as she leans against an unseen wall (which I cropped out). I can imagine that many viewers are perplexed by the hand and may not be able to see all the details that are obscured by the dark composition. Another reason is that I am acquiring business cards for The Chamber and to have Orly on them might confuse people, not having seen me, might think she is me or my daughter or wife or mistress or something. Whereas, it is fairly obvious that Damnatia is not an actual…

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Update: Shadows and Stars and The Chamber, April 28, 2021

It's 2:50 a.m. and I am starting to feel the pinot noir. I still have a couple of glasses to go. I am getting back to working on Shadows and Stars. I have been working on Lycanthrope since January, because ideas have been coming to me for Lycanthrope, while Shadows and Stars is becoming increasingly … Continue reading Update: Shadows and Stars and The Chamber, April 28, 2021

Update: The Chamber on YouTube

Here’s an update on what’s happening at The Chamber.

The Chamber Magazine

Over the last few days, I have been experimenting with developing a YouTube presence for The Chamber. At this point, I am not much of a filmmaker. I don’t have the time, experience, or equipment to develop a professional YouTube video. Ergo, I have been experimenting with public domain, royalty-free videos I can find at Pexels.com or Pixabay.com using free video editing software at Kizoa (using the basic free membership demands that I have the Kizoa logo on my works) or the very simple stuff available using the YouTube Studio editor. Above is about the best film I have developed so far. I have a longer one of a minute and fifteen seconds in the works. As I get the hang of making these, they are becoming easier to make.

I have not yet developed an ultimate goal for these videos other than to use as basic advertising on YouTube…

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“Little Girl Blue”, my poem has been published by eclectic THE CHAMBER MAGAZINE.

An Awadh Boy's Panorama : tracing words on these filigreed, discerning fingertips.

Hush! she is a spirit of fine fettle clad in whole nine yards of mystique, haunted by a gossamer fabric of heresy. Maligned in her charm The halo of an apparition,  she unfurls her midnight legend.                                       […]

“Little Girl Blue” Poetry by Prithvijeet Sinha

It’s time for some midnight horror aesthetics !!

My poem ‘LITTLE GIRL BLUE’ has been published in the very eclectic portals of THE CHAMBER MAGAZINE.

I thank the editorial team and hope you all enjoy my foray into versatile themes and styles.

So read it, spread the word and share your thoughts. THANK YOU!


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Playlist: Diegaro

Here is an article I published on The Chamber Magazine today. I thought it would be suitable for this blog as well.

The Chamber Magazine

Sometimes in my YouTube account, I create playlists of music to help inspire my writing of one work or another. Below is my playlist “Diegaro”. “Diegaro” is Esperanto for Gathering of the Great Gods (Esperanto is the artificial language I use as the alien language). I listen to this sometimes to inspire or accompany work on my sci-fi novel Shadows and Stars, sometimes just to start the morning.

In the novel, the two main characters, the astrophysicist Daryn Jacob and his bodyguard/guide, Baslo Sero, are traveling by foot on a long journey across the planet Zaigosh. On Zaigosh, religion is outlawed. Nonetheless, tens of thousands of worshippers of many gods meet in secret and away from the government’s eyes in a remote canyon. Daryn and Sero happen into this celebration and see many odd and wild things. This playlist is a soundtrack for what they experience in the Diegaro.

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Beautiful poem worth noting and remembering…

Ken Hallett Blog



When day returns

like something never reached

on the air.

(O muse)
let me speak
from my dream

of her eyes

I so wanted
to meet
with mine.

which always
behind their clouds.)


Just once

Let me sing

while still
I lie
and seek

Imagined dawns


to the lungs.


Or wish
for years
less lost.


As these

attempt light.


mere networks

of signs.






(Above is a piece based on poetry written aged 23.
I’ve felt unable to create poems, lately, due to illness.
Hope you think it works?)

(Below is a prelude to this post…)



Digital nightmare!


After logging in, unfamiliar sights transfixed me.
Waves of anxiety coursed through my body.
What was happening?

The screen now resembled a strange, alien puzzle.
A digital nightmare began.

The WordPress…

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Somebody to Drink With: Anacreon’s Epitaph and Some Poems — SENTENTIAE ANTIQUAE

Greek Anthology 7.26, Antipater of Sidon “Stranger passing by the humble grave of Anakreon, If my books were of any use to you, Pour some wine on my ashes, pour it out in drops So that my bones can smile, refreshed a bit by wine, so I, who loved the shouting raves of Dionysus, so…Somebody to … Continue reading Somebody to Drink With: Anacreon’s Epitaph and Some Poems — SENTENTIAE ANTIQUAE

on poetry — The Poetry Department . . . aka The Boynton Blog

“Times like these are times when people often do turn to poetry. When without words otherwise, we hope to find something akin to how we feel in the ways words are in poems.” Dara Wier (b. December 30, 1949) . . . . . quoteon poetry — The Poetry Department . . . aka The Boynton … Continue reading on poetry — The Poetry Department . . . aka The Boynton Blog

The Night — Write up to the Moment

Loneliness strikes in the cold of the nightUpon the unwashed dishes and flames from the burning stove so bright The dim lights in the room never fully turned offLike a glimmer of hope staying alive for the dwindling heart Books and literature often suffice the lonelySolitude for days in a house so homely There are […]The … Continue reading The Night — Write up to the Moment

The Mahatma

I am not a fan of the stereotypical American Christmas motifs and hyperbole. This article by a new follower is much more to my taste and gets more to the essence of the holiday season than anything I have seen in a long time.

David Redpath

Blessed are the peacemakers …

“When I despair, I remember that
all through history the way of truth
and love have always won. There
have been tyrants and murderers,
and for a time, they can seem
invincible, but in the end, they
always fall. Think of it … always.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

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Most Anticipated Adult Books of 2021 —

I have talked about my most anticipated adult romances of 2021, but now I want to highlight all the other adult novels releasing in 2021 that I am excited for. There are so many and I could break them into more categories, but that would be too many posts! I realize that there is a […]Most … Continue reading Most Anticipated Adult Books of 2021 —

¡Inédito! Científicos logran teletransportación cuántica sostenida y a larga distancia — El Ciudadano

El Ciudadano Un equipo de investigadores del Instituto Tecnológico de California, la NASA y Fermilab publicó en la revista PRX Quantum su más reciente experimento, cuyos resultados ponen en alto las esperanzas de crear el Internet cuántico, una tecnología que revolucionaría el mundo de la informática y las comunicaciones. Los investigadores lograron teletransportar qubits, unidades básicas de…¡Inédito! Científicos … Continue reading ¡Inédito! Científicos logran teletransportación cuántica sostenida y a larga distancia — El Ciudadano