Atlantis — Mount Shasta Myths

The History of Atlantis             The history of Atlantis begins with oral traditions in Ancient Greece. Atlantis was mentioned once before in Greek literature prior to Plato by the philosopher Proclus (410-485 BC). Proclus wrote that the historian Marcellus (266-208 BC) described how several islands in the Atlantic Ocean had preserved traditions from their submerged […]Atlantis … Continue reading Atlantis — Mount Shasta Myths

Sechs Fragen an Chintis Lundgren — Testkammer

© Chintis Lundgren Interview: Im Gespräch mit der estnischen Künstlerin und Filmemacherin Chintis Lundgren konnten wir mehr über ihren Kurzfilm „Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves“, der auf dem Open Air des 32. Filmfest Dresden lief, erfahren, wie sie ihren eigenen Stil beschreiben würde und wie sie langsam einen Figurenkosmos aufbaute. The original…Sechs Fragen … Continue reading Sechs Fragen an Chintis Lundgren — Testkammer

Samuel Beckett: “l’acte calme” — words and music and stories

“But habit is a great deadener” (Vladimir: Waiting for Godot) à elle l’acte calme to her the calm actthe savant pores the sex easygoingwaiting not too slow regretting not too long the absencein the service of presencea few tatters of azure in the head the points finally dead of the heartall the tardy grace of […]Samuel … Continue reading Samuel Beckett: “l’acte calme” — words and music and stories

Reading books (Abercrombie, Kerouac and DeLillo) — magicandbeauty

“A Little Hatred” (by Joe Abercrombie) – a novel for people who love action and epic fiction. Abercrombie is a gifted genre writer. He opens a new trilogy of fantastic adventure called “The Age of Madness” trilogy. “The age of machines has dawned, but the age of magic refuses to die. With the […]Reading … Continue reading Reading books (Abercrombie, Kerouac and DeLillo) — magicandbeauty

Ugly truths — Reena Saxena

Originally posted on paeansunpluggedblog: “inkblots mutate to form pictures, alphabets, stories I did not create” In my mind’s eye the words are perfectly aligned arranged and arraigned tasked to perform prettily when I sit down to spill ink they assume shapes of their own writing stories I did not dictate! Photo by mikoto.raw from Pexels…Ugly truths … Continue reading Ugly truths — Reena Saxena

2021 Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction Shortlist — At the BookShelf

The link below is to an article reporting on the 2021 shortlist for the Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction. For more visit: Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction Shortlist — At the BookShelf

“Warehouses and All” by Phil Slattery.

Once again, I thank Lucy for publishing another of my works. This was originally published in 2009 by Six Sentences, which challenges writers to tell a story in only six sentences. It is a wonderful exercise in being concise. I had written the story in another, much longer form a few years before that. I think that one was published somewhere, but I am not certain. This story is based on actual events. While I was in Egypt in 1989, I happened to meet an assistant agricultural attaché for Sudan. She relayed this story to me as having actually happened in Sudan. The witness to the event was not an oil worker though. That was my invention. When I wrote this version years later, I was in a hurry and couldn’t recall whether it happened in Sudan or Somalia, so I arbitrarily chose Somalia. The overall theme of the story remains the same in any event.

Lucy's Works and Co

I met the world-weary expatriate American at a garden party in Egypt in ’89, several months after he had left the Somali oilfields. He remembered that outside his barracks near Mogadishu there had been warehouses full of rice donated by foreign charities to combat the perpetual famine. The impoverished, inept government had no trucks to distribute the rice and fighting among factions within the government insured none could be arranged while their arcane laws kept them from simply opening the doors. So the rice sat as starving women tried to glean the few grains they could from what had fallen off trucks hauling it in or from what had leaked out through cracks in the walls. One night he awoke to commotion and found that the warehouses were in flames. “The rice had sat so long that it had rotted, so the government burned it―warehouses and all,” he said with…

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“Faust” by Phil Slattery.

My poem Faust was published on Lucy’s Works on Nov. 30. Many thanks to Lucy.

Lucy's Works and Co


All is damnably quiet.

I can hear the spiders spinning in the darkness,

the breath of a rat against the stone walls,

a cockroach crawling through the sulphur-laden air.

The roaring silence fills the air like the grumble of the sea.

Pitiless Eternity.

But a second ago he was here,

he whose eyes glowed like falling stars in bottomless pools,

he with the comforting voice of the practiced whore.

My wounds still bleed, my sleeves are still wet.

The rats have yet to smell the droplets on the floor.

For what have I been sold?

Square roots? Sines? Sums?

Will I profit knowing winds are not the breath of God

knowing the sun is not a chariot of fire?

knowing mountains are not the bones of giants?

knowing why the sound of pouring wine tickles the ear?

why lovers’ eyes sparkle as purest silver?

why cool grass and shade…

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Some Prosery Cheer!

Here is an interesting micro fiction competition. Be sure to read the rules thoroughly. I wrote and submitted a piece entitled “UFO Computations”. IT’s sort of experimental. I hope the last line impacts the reader.


Lillian here. Delighted to host Prosery Monday at dVerse, the virtual pub for poets around the globe.


1) THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10, dVERSE WILL BE LIVE, hosted by Bjorn. If you’ve not done this before, it’s amazing! Just go to the dVerse site and read Bjorn’s message on December 10th. As always, post one poem of your choosing (there is no required prompt for OLN) and in Bjorn’s message, he will have a link to join everyone live (similar to Zoom). We are usually live from 3 to 5 PM, Boston time. It’s amazing to put faces with names and it’s truly like we’re in a real pub. Well, except for the drinking! Everyone who posts a poem and joins us live, is invited (but not required) to read their poem aloud. Come for the entire time or just drop in as…

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Shadows and Stars: Visualizing Sato

I was surfing through Pixabay, which offers public domain images, for some header backgrounds to use on my weblog, when I came across some graphics by a German artist, whose Pixabay userid is Anaterate. Some of his characters struck me as being good representations of how I visualize some of my characters in Shadows and … Continue reading Shadows and Stars: Visualizing Sato

Update Nov. 9, 2020: Writing Progress on Shadows and Stars

I managed to get three hours editing done on my first draft today. I really enjoy it. It's great only refining the text but also making sure all the details sync together to minimize plot holes. So far I have edited 92 pages out of about 300. These are 8.5" x 11", 12 point, Times … Continue reading Update Nov. 9, 2020: Writing Progress on Shadows and Stars


It Will Just Be Us, a horror novel by Jo Kaplan (who has also published stories and novels under her maiden name of Joanna Parypinski), presents us with a chilling, supernatural mystery which also brings light to the family dynamics of those who live inside the haunted manor. The story of Wakefield Manor, a sprawling […]IT … Continue reading IT WILL JUST BE US BY JO KAPLAN REVIEW — Horror Delve

[367] The Night Never Ends — Smoke Words Every Day

Forgetful growth I learn that it’s easier to remember an existing memory than to form a new one It’s easier to learn because forgetting is seamless and all learning is really in the end is a seamless task of forgetting little details around as I close my eyes to wake to A whole world sleeps…[367] The … Continue reading [367] The Night Never Ends — Smoke Words Every Day

#SciFiMonth Audiobook Review: The Original by Brandon Sanderson & Mary Robinette Kowal — The BiblioSanctum

I received a review copy from the publisher. This does not affect the contents of my review and all opinions are my own. The Original by Brandon Sanderson & Mary Robinette Kowal Mogsy’s Rating (Overall): 3 of 5 stars Genre: Science Fiction Series: Stand Alone Publisher: Recorded Books (September 14, 2020) Length: 3 hrs and 30 mins Author Information: Brandon […]#SciFiMonth … Continue reading #SciFiMonth Audiobook Review: The Original by Brandon Sanderson & Mary Robinette Kowal — The BiblioSanctum

„Peninsula“ (2020) — Testkammer Filmkritik: Nicht nur der Oscarpreisträger „Parasite“ (2019) von Bong Joon-ho, der auch den Monster-Horror „The Host“ (2006) schuf, und die Arbeiten von Park Chan-wook wie „Oldboy“ (2003) zeigen, dass Südkorea erstklassiges Genrekino produzieren kann. Genauso fiel das Debüt „Train to Busan“ (2016) von Yeon Sang-ho auf, das zwar das Zombiegenre nicht neu erfand, aber perfekte…„Peninsula“ … Continue reading „Peninsula“ (2020) — Testkammer

v 100 – What is Creativity? — AllAbout

Here in England September represents completion of Summer season and the start of Autumn along with the start of the new academic year and the start of various new efforts in service, life and lots more. When anybody is looking for to make any type of adjustment in their life, regularly the method they take…v 100 … Continue reading v 100 – What is Creativity? — AllAbout

A favor for a favor by Nat Chelloni (Book Review#817) — Review Tales by Jeyran Main

A favor for a favor is a crime thriller story about Julia with a little added romance. She is the widow of a mobster and is done with everything that has to do with the life of crime but, elements of this unwanted world still follow her through with the next man she meets. Dom […]A … Continue reading A favor for a favor by Nat Chelloni (Book Review#817) — Review Tales by Jeyran Main

Candle Light — rogermoorepoet

Candle-light Five candles burn at my table.Outside, the night wind howls like a dogand scratches its pelt on my roof. The wind has torn branches from the treesand polished the evening frost until it sparkles like eighteenth century silver. A moth circles, sizzles, and flares. I keep my vigil at night’s altar and place a […]Candle … Continue reading Candle Light — rogermoorepoet