Update: November 18, 2019, Letter on My Marketing Strategy

Having dinner with my wife at Ray's Italian Bistro, Midland, TX, May, 2019
Having escargot with my wife at Ray’s Italian Bistro, Midland, TX, May, 2019

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from a gentleman in Spain. In my response, I discussed my marketing strategy a bit. I thought that it might be of interests to others, so I am posting it here, with the gentleman’s name and other data omitted, because I do not know what personal information of his I can share.

“I try to post most important articles at 0800 EST. I researched the time zones where the most people read in the US and, unsurprisingly it is the Eastern Time Zone. The Eastern Time Zone has the most universities, major cities, publishers, and greatest concentration of population. So I post things at 0800 so people will see them when they rise,arrive at work, etc, I also post things to hit other time zones across the world. A few of my posts are on this. One thing I do is what I did with offering the four books as free on the same day, which I am doing this week and next. It’s my most recent article. I post an advertisement or announcement one hour later each day for 24 days, so that I can hit all the time zones. This seems to be gradually gaining me a larger audience. For example, on November 2, I had views from the US, UK, Canada, Austria, Jamaica, the Czech Republic, Italy, Jordan, Spain, and Romania. Recently, I had views from Uruguay and Nigeria.  

“The thing about posting to the Eastern Time Zone is that because that is the seat of US government and major metropolitan areas, that’s when the rest of the world will be watching to see what is up with the US. Also, posting around the clock means that the article hits the US around the clock as one, So one day it hits New York at 0800, the next day Chicago at 0800 and New York at 0900, the following day Denver at 0800, Chicago at 0900, and New York at 1000, etc. With WordPress, I can schedule posts ahead of time, so this is easy. I often post advertising and articles weeks or months in advance.”
Hasta luego.

Author: S.P. Staff

Slattery Publishing Staff.

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