Update: My Short Story “Bye-Bye” has been Accepted for Publication

April 15, 2017

My short story “Bye-Bye” has been accepted for publication at Fiction on the Web and will appear there on July 26. If you are interested in finding out more about them, follow this link to an Authors Publish review of their site.  In their first paragraph, Authors Publish says this about Fiction on the Web:

“Fiction on the Web (FotW), was founded in 1996, which makes it one of the oldest online literary journals. In fact it is the oldest online journal that focuses solely on publishing short fiction. They have had hundreds of thousands of readers over the years…” 

“Bye-bye” is a mainstream love story, which I feel is very poignant and says something about the better side of human nature. It is based on an actual event I witnessed, when I was in the Navy and our ship, the USS Enterprise, made a portcall in Toulon, France, in 1986.  I never spoke with any of the characters involved and most of the story is fiction, but it has a kernel of truth at its core.

The story is unusual for a work of short fiction, because it uses footnotes to explain some of the Navy jargon. I felt I had to keep the jargon to keep the story realistic, though I tried to keep the footnotes to an absolute minimum, so as to interrupt the narrative flow as little as possible.

Please visit Fiction on the Web on July 26 and let me know what you think of the story.  One excellent advantage of publishing on Fiction on the Web is that their stories normally receive a lot of good, constructive criticism from their readers.  I find that very helpful in developing my art.





Author: S.P. Staff

Slattery Publishing Staff.

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