“The Black Spider”

Albert Bitzius (1797-1854) was a Swiss pastor and author, who is better known by his pen name of Jeremias Gotthelf.  Gotthelf was a prolific writer whose novels and stories were based on the people of his village, Luetzelflueh, in the Bernese Emmental. Gotthelf is considered an important writer not only in Switzerland, but also as … Continue reading “The Black Spider”

My Short Story “Dream Warrior” Has Been Published

Illustration by Marge Simon My short story "Dream Warrior" has been published in the February-April issue of Sorcerous Signals.  Please check it out via the link above and explore the rest of the magazine as well.   Please note that currently a typo in the contents page mistakenly identifies this issue as the Nov.-Jan issue.   "Dream Warrior" will also … Continue reading My Short Story “Dream Warrior” Has Been Published