Rural Fiction Magazine is Now Accepting Submissions

If you dabble in writing mainstream/literary stories and poems (or of any genre) that have a rural setting or concern rural themes, please consider submitting them to RFM. Currently, RFM is not accepting stories of over 5,000 words. There is no pay, but the author does retain all rights. Guidelines are on the website and closely resemble those of The Chamber.

Rural Fiction Magazine was established to explore the beauty and drama of rural America.

Rural Fiction Magazine seeks primarily mainstream/literary stories and poetry set in the rural US. Although it may take occasional forays into other genres (such as horror, fantasy, science fiction, etc.), all works it publishes will be related in some fashion to rural America. Therefore, the mainstream and literary genres seem most suitable for our mission.

I intend to start out by publishing a few stories either weekly or monthly, depending on the amount of submissions we receive. I am capping the word limit at 5,000. All submissions must be in standard manuscript format (you can find out the details of this on Google). Response time may range from a day to a month, but will most likely be within a week. Send all submissions and inquiries to

RFM will publish interviews with notable writers and poets. This may be sporadic initially. This will be by invitation only

I hope to see your work there soon.

Author: S.P. Staff

Slattery Publishing Staff.

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