New Ad Concept: The Scent

The Scent by Phil Slattery

I decided to toy with marketing by creating posters for my short stories. The basic idea is just to quickly create something that will grab people’s attention and get my name in front of them. If they read the story, which can be found online, then maybe they will like my writing style and look up my other stories and buy my books. This particular story can be found in my collection The Scent and Other Stories. Note the link goes directly to where you can purchase a copy.

I can create a poster like this in only a few minutes. So I can create one while on the phone with someone or while killing time while waiting for my wife to finish dressing, etc. Then I put them on this website with the appropriate tags and then on Pinterest where people go to find beautiful posters and art.

The original photo is by Ashley from I photoshopped it in a few minutes to give it a haunting, dreamlike feel, which is appropriate for the story.

Note also that I used the poster to create a header for another little bit of advertising.


Author: S.P. Staff

Slattery Publishing Staff.

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