Update for December 14, 2019: Toying with Pixlr and Pixabay

Jack Thurston
Jack Thurston, retired medievalist and sorcerer.

Tonight I was toying with Pixler (the photo-editing software) and an image I downloaded from Pixabay (or was it Pexels?) What do you think? Would this image make a good Jack Thurston from my story collection “Diabolical: Three Tales of Vengeance and the Sorcerer Jack Thurston”? Jack is a retired medievalist, who gave up black magic for a good woman, but lost her to cancer and is now returning to sorcery to avenge the death of his daughter and her baby. Does this guy look like he could inflict a seriously twisted act of revenge on someone?  To find out more about his revenge, pick up a copy of Diabolical on Amazon. To find out what else I have written, visit my main Amazon page while you’re at it: amazon.com/author/philslattery.

Hasta luego.

Author: S.P. Staff

Slattery Publishing Staff.

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