Update: November 19, 2019, Preparations for Shadows and Stars

Selfie with Lotus in background near Arkansas Post, September 4, 2019

I am closing in on finishing the first draft of Shadows and Stars. It’s time for me to start (probably late) some of the peripheral tasks of producing a book.  I think I will start designing a cover for one thing. I hope to have Shadows and Stars published by a big, traditional publishing house rather than self-publishing, but in any case, I will need at least an idea of what my vision of its cover should be, if, for no other reason, than to give the cover artists a starting point. I will go with whatever looks the best and expresses the emotional impact the best. At least that’s my initial thought. Any comments or suggestions? I am open.

As I develop ideas, I will probably post them here for comment. Of course, I won’t make a hard and fast decision until all is said and done.

I will probably need an agent as well. I should start checking the Internet and researching how to find and select an agent. I learned a little about this in the Farmington Writers Circle, but I need to get serious about it now.

I am not planning any parties until a publisher accepts it. I am just going to intensify my research in the final stages of producing a novel.

Hasta luego.

Author: S.P. Staff

Slattery Publishing Staff.

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