Nicholas Grabowsky ‘Halloween IV Novelization’ Review

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: Josh Hancock

Nicholas Grabowsky’s novelization of Halloween IV unfolds much like the film, with rapid-fire pacing and editing that keeps the bloody saga of Michael Myers firing on all cylinders. Though movie novelizations often fall victim to heavy cricitism for following the source material’s plot too straightforwardly, Grabowsky’s effort includes several additions to the Halloween universe that make picking up a copy worth your while.

Most, if not all, readers of this novelization will be already familiar with the story of the film, but Grabowsky includes some distinctive touches that make reading the book just as suspenseful as watching Michael Myers torment both Dr. Loomis and Jamie Lloyd in the movie. The cat-and-mouse sequences between Loomis and Michael prove quite effective in the novel, with Loomis always falling just one step behind in his pursuit of the diabolical killer. Meanwhile, young Jamie is taunted by both her horrific…

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