Whose skill with grammar do you admire most?

Most writers think of modeling their style after that of a famous writer.   A large part of any writer’s style is his use of grammar.   For example,  Hemingway’s lean, muscular, sparse, style is well-known.  His use of punctuation (which I am including under grammar) is also spare, using and where most writers would use commas in a rhetorical technique known as syndeton.    Whereas Hemingway’s minimalist approach is masterful, somewhere in the middle of the scale is Mario Puzo (The Godfather) whose mediocre grammar skills often show up in comma splices and dangling prepositions.   The writer I consider a master of both style and grammar is F.Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby).

My question to you is:  whom do you consider to be a master grammarian/stylist?

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