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self portrait at Angel Peak
At Angel Peak Scenic Area near Bloomfield, NM, circa 2018.

I have been experimenting a little with developing a YouTube presence. I am hoping that doing updates on YouTube, once I have a rough studio assembled, will enable me to do quick updates and may bring in a few more visitors to this website.  My videos so far have been very crude and non-professional. I hope to change this before long. You can find my channel by following this link or searching on YouTube for “Phil Slattery”.

Soon, I hope to have videos of me reading from my various works or from works that have influenced me. “Faust” below is an example.

Here are a few of the videos I have produced so far. In addition to my own videos, I have been collecting ones that interest me on writing or on anything that strikes my fancy at the moment.

On my YouTube channel, I have also collected together songs into playlists that I listen to in order to help me set the mood for writing at times. Here are links to a few of those too. Visit my site at any time. and please like and subscribe. That is critical to a YouTube, particularly a novice like me.

May 13 Update: The Jungle and Desolation Angels

May 9, 2020, Thoughts in General

Current Idea for a Shadows and Stars soundtrack.

Theoretical soundtrack for Centaurs, a play I have been writing for a few years.

Shadows and Stars cover 2

Diegaro (Esperanto for Meeting of the Great Gods). A Diegaro in Shadows and Stars is where all followers of all religions, which are outlawed on the planet Zaigosh, go to meet secretly once a year in a great festival in a remote canyon.

The Man Who Escaped from Hell. This is the novel I hope to finish after Shadows and Stars About 90% of the first draft is complete. This story is a about a spy/assassin who is murdered and sent to Hell only to escape back to Earth. From there, he has to find a way to keep from returning to Hell.

Lycanthrope. This is the theoretical soundtrack for a horror novel that has been in the works since 1996 or earlier. I hope to work on this sometime after I finish The Man Who Escaped from Hell.

When I have more time, I will embed some of the videos into this webpage. For now though, I must return to working on Shadows and Stars.

Here is a video of me reading my poem “Faust”.

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