Quinn’s Response to #FrankMartinez

Frank’s right about pretty much everything he said about me including that I haven’t slept with his wife.  I just can’t screw over a friend like that. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know everything about her, like, for instance,  she’s bisexual and has a relationship with a woman that is out of the norm, to put it politely. 

Meet #FrankMartinez from Click 

I’m the main character in Click. I thought I would step forward and say a couple words you should know about Quinn. 

He’s a nice guy to drink with. He smokes decent cigars and has a good sense of humor, but he has what he calls an addiction to women. It’s not just the sex though. It’s more like he’s a connoisseur. He loves everything about them: their different perspectives, their temperament,  their smells, their touch, their petty jealousies among each other, all the things that make a woman a woman outside of (but including) the sex.  Fortunately, he has some degree of integrity as well as honor and loyalty to his buds, and would not sleep with a friend’s woman. Don’t get me wrong.  He has slept with some wives, just not the wives of his friends.  He hasn’t slept with my wife, though I know he’s hot for her. He always maintains a polite distance from her when I am around and though the chit-chat sometimes gets racy, he keeps his eyes and paws off her. I know it’s hard for him, but he manages to do it somehow.  He jokes that when he dies it’ll be from being shot in the back by a jealous husband. I would hate to see that happen, but he’s probably right. 😕