Poster for Incommunicado

Possible Poster for “Incommunicado”

I am finding that toying with possible book covers for my works helps keep the writing fun and gives me a moment to contemplate the essence of the work.

As you know, over the last few days I have been working on a play titled “Incommunicado” that I haven’t worked on in over a year. Yesterday, I was toying with an idea for a possible poster, should the play ever be produced. My draft is above. Let me know what you think. Does this poster tell you enough about the play that it would make you want to see it? Are the colors bright enough and the design distinct enough to capture your attention should you pass it on a street?

I found that one unexpected benefit of drafting this poster is that it made me think about what exactly would be a good tagline for the play. To do that, I have to boil the play down to its essence, which I had not contemplated previously. So now, I have a core idea to which I can adhere to maintain the play’s focus and unity.

Let me know what you think.

Hasta luego.

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