Off topic: Good video on How the Current Pandemic May End

I am veering away from literature and writing as a topic tonight and moving on to something of vital importance to everyone in this nation: Coronavirus and Covid-19. I saw this video tonight and thought this was an excellent video that as many people as possible should see. It does not take a political stance one way or the other. Joe Scott avoids the hype and political finger-pointing and sticks to the facts.

Joe Scott is one of my favorite YouTube stars. He speaks mainly on scientific topics, which he does with a disinterested, “facts matter” approach rather than much of the opinions you hear these days which try to push the viewer to one political viewpoint or another and whose facts are either missing or distorted. Joe tries to get to the facts in any situation, poking a little fun/disdain toward those who are not after the facts and have some sketchy, if not downright weird, ideas.

Joe does not have a science background, but his videos seem very thoroughly researched. Follow this link to his LinkedIn page for some biographical and background information.

In this video Joe discusses how he sees the Pandemic ending with our lives returning to something like normal probably sometime in 2022 (even if a vaccine is available in early 2021), though as he points out, our lives will never be completely like they were, because Covid-19 will always be in the background.

Author: S.P. Staff

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