Update of August 16, 2020: Website Changes

Having dinner with my wife at Ray's Italian Bistro, Midland, TX, May, 2019
Having dinner with my wife at Ray’s Italian Bistro, Midland, TX, May, 2019

I have been trying to come up with ideas to improve my marketing. I realize that none of my current works would ever be in the running for a Pulitzer or something similar, but I want to market them as best as I can and thereby improve my lot in life as much as possible.

As part of that, I decided today to take some of the pages from the (maybe temporarily) defunct Chamber magazine and move them to this website. The reasons for this are:

I need to associate myself and my works with the horror genre as much as possible. Ergo, I need to put more horror-related material on my website. The easiest and fastest way to do this was to move some pages from The Chamber to Slattery’s Magazine, which I am not updating currently. When I went to The Chamber to move them, I noticed that my following seems to have grown even though I have not been working with it. People are apparently coming to it for the information that is on there. This justifies my decision to move the pages.

This also brings to Slattery’s Magazine a lot of specific and obscure terms that can be used as keywords to draw more visitors to my site.

Shadows and Stars cover 2
Coming hopefully soon.

In addition, I am also changing the title slightly to see what effect that has on visitation.

I think I will also toy with putting up more horror-related articles and narrow the sites focus a bit. I may have gone too broad recently by opening the website up to any kind of literature. However, I will still publish non-horror articles, particularly if they concern my own non-horror works or other topics that may be of interest to horror writers or writers in general.

I will probably be making a few more changes as I contemplate a new strategy, particularly as I draw to a close on finishing my sci-fi/horror novel Shadows and Stars. This is a good time to get a jump on marketing that.








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