BIG NEWS: The Print Edition of Nocturne Will Soon Be Available

Phil Slattery portrait

Phil Slattery
March, 2015

On Saturday the 8th, I finished creating a print edition of my poetry collection Nocturne: Poems of Love, Distance, and the Night, a callous and disinterested lover. I uploaded the final draft to Amazon a few minutes ago. It should be available by Tuesday the 11th. It will have a different cover, which I will reveal once it is published. It will be available, of course, through Amazon, as the Kindle edition is, but I signed it up for expanded distribution so you may be able to find it in stores and other outlets as well.

Note that because the cost of printing full color photos is prohibitively expensive and would put Nocturne out of the reach of most readers. Ergo, I have omitted the illustrations. However, this edition does include several poems that were not included in the original Kindle edition.

Check back for further developments and announcements.





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