My Works are Occasionally Available for Book Clubs, Classes, and other Groups at No Cost or at a Discount

April 15, 2017

If your book club or poetry club is seeking something short to read, I recommend using some of my works. Usually, I cannot provide them free, of course, but I have kept the cost to a minimum so that as many people as possible can be introduced to my writing.  However, I usually offer each for free at least five days out of every 90 in accordance with Amazon Kindle Select policy.

You can find my works on my Amazon Author’s Page. They are collections of short stories of varying genres: horror, action/adventure, literary with an emphasis on relationships, and even a volume of poetry.  All are receiving good reviews.

If you are interested, let me know which books you would like and I can either notify you of a date when they are free or maybe even set one up especially for you. Most of my works are gathered together in the collections A Tale of Hell and Other Works of Horror. Some of the collections comprise only a few stories of a particular genre to appeal to readers interested in only that genre.

Check back frequently for updates on my work and what is available.  I announce when specific works are free or at a discount. Free or discounted works are usually available only to readers in the US and UK markets.

I try to write using rather simple, easy-to-understand, yet grammatically correct English that may be particularly useful to those learning English as a second language, though some of the subjects and themes covered may be complex.

Be advised that my works often (but not always) contain mature language or scenarios and may not be suitable for younger readers.


Author: S.P. Staff

Slattery Publishing Staff.

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