Update on my Poetry Collection Nocturne


Official Author’s Photo from March, 2015

The last few days I have been working almost continuously on collecting the poems I wrote from 1985 to 1996 into a volume I call Nocturne.  I am almost finished with the first draft.

I first collected them together about two years ago and submitted them to a publisher, who I thought would be ideal for them.  I knew from the beginning that their usual wait time for a decision was about six months, but I was willing to wait, because I thought they would be excellent for it.  You can probably guess the rest.

I was not in a hurry, so I waited.  I would check back every few months and they would say that a decision would be soon; they were still working through their backlog.  Eventually, they turned it down.

Not being high on the priority list of my life, I took my time in finding other potential publishers.  I looked for ones (primarily in the Poets and Writers website) that would respond in less than three months.  I submitted it simultaneously to a couple of publishers about a month ago.  I am awaiting their responses.

However, now I am preparing to publish Nocturne myself on Kindle.  At the same time, I am developing a print version.

Both potential publishers should respond in January.  Unless one offers a terrific deal, I will publish Nocturne on February 1.  My Kindle version will feature lots of (public domain stock) photos that I have selected to heighten the poignancy, which the version I submitted to the publishers does not.

In the meantime I will be refining the Kindle version and studying the best strategies for pre-release publicity and marketing.

Wish me luck.





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