The Farmington Writers Circle Meets Again on July 13

Kevin T. Boekhoff

The Farmington Writers Circle will meet on July 13 at 6:30 p.m. at Entertainmart’s Hardback Café, 3020 East 20th Street, Farmington, NM.  The topic of discussion will center around lessons learned from the Meet and Greet on June 9, initiating planning for the Winter Meet and Greet (circa November 25). and small projects we can undertake in the meantime to publicize our works.

The night’s reader will be Kevin T. Boekhoff.  Kevin is the author of I Forgot That I Remembered, a humorous look at his life with Parkinson’s disease,  Just Me: Humorous, Helpful and Odd, which consists of stories from throughout his life, and his gospel ventriloquism book, I Know What You Know, Adventures in Gospel Ventriloquism, featuring Youtube links to the scripts in the book. He also writes a daily devotion called “Tugs & Nudges” and a series of ventriloquism “pictoons.”

He has won several awards at and one at the Storyteller. 

He currently challenges himself with ventriloquism. This includes the making of characters, writing of skits and performing them. He says this helps him fight Parkinson’s by doing things he enjoys. 

Kevin’s website is:  You can also find him on Youtube and at

Please feel free to join us.  There are no membership requirements other than to have an interest in reading or writing.

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