Trivia: Irvin Cobb’s Egg Nog

On July 15, I posted an article on Irvin S. Cobb and his story “Fishhead”, which H.P. Lovecraft mentioned in “Supernatural Horror in Literature”.  Today, I happened upon

Irvin Cobb's Egg Nog Recipe circa 1941

Irvin Cobb’s Egg Nog Recipe circa 1941

some selections I had copied a book published in 1941 that gave popular egg nog recipes of that year.  One of them was Irvin Cobb’s.    I am publishing it here today for your entertainment in light of the upcoming holidays.  The copy is to the upper right, but if the print is too small, I am writing it out here:

1 whole egg

1/2 tablespoon powdered sugar

1 jigger whiskey

1/2 tumbler sweet milk

Separate yogurt and beat well, stir in sugar, whiskey and milk separately.  Whip in stiffly beaten egg white and serve with nutmeg on top.

In parentheses and italics at the bottom the recipe notes:  (Mr. Cobb says it will make any man feel like Santa Claus.)

Thoughts?  Comments?

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