Here are my most recently published poems, though these were all written in the early to mid nineties:

“Faust”  Originally published in hard copy in The Hollins Critic, Volume XXIX,  No. 1, February, 1992, “Faust” was reprinted by Blood Moon Rising Magazine on July 10, 2013 and by Literary Hatchet on December 22, 2015.

There is Silence in the Desert  published in Cafe del Soul in November, 2009.

An Unfamiliar Sensuality  published in Nefarious Ballerina in January, 2010.

The Twilight of the Gods, The Trap, and Touching published in Apollo’s Lyre in February, 2010.

These were published several years ago when I was seriously studying and writing poetry: 

The Women of Cairo – Unfortunately, at the moment I do not have a record of where this poem was first published.  I will cite it later, when I find out.  As best I recall, it was published sometime between 1988 and 1991, when I was living in Alexandria, VA.   Nonetheless, this link leads to where I found, accidentally, the poem cited in the blog Rays and Shadows  around fifteen years after it was first published.  I have always felt it a great honor to have a work quoted years after it was published.  That means it, and I, made an impact on someone.  This link tells the serendipitous story of the poem.   Thank you, Khaled of Cairo, Egypt, for remembering me.

Following are several poems that I have in my records on hands only as “published”.  I cannot recall exactly where and when each was published originally, but they were all published in the early nineties.  Several are about Egypt, where I was stationed at the US embassy in Cairo from August to September of 1989.  Some were written from 1986-1988 when I lived in Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound northwest of Seattle.  As I find out more about each, I will add it:  Apology,  Cairo at Sunset,   Drifting,  Empty, En Passant  (“En Passant” is a move in chess, wherein a pawn takes another pawn),  GapInsomnia, Love’s First LightSharm El Sheikh (Sharm El Sheikh is a resort in the Sinai Peninsula on the Red Sea),  Still,  Taste,  and Lovers’ Dreams.  

The Desert Wind was published in Potpourri, March, 1993.  

Here, however, is a partial list of publication credits dating from December, 1996 that shows where many of these were first published, though I cannot match publisher with poem at this time: Green’s Magazine, Autumn, 1989; Doors Into and Out of Dorset, January, 1990; Green’s Magazine, Spring, 1990; Bitterroot, Summer, 1990; Green’s Magazine, Autumn, 1990; Orphic Lute, Summer, 1991; Green’s Magazine, Winter, 1991; Sassafras Tea (honorable mention, Third Winter Annual Poetry Competition, 1991; and Metro Singles Lifestyles, approximately 10 poems, various dates.

Here are some unpublished poems from the same time: Prelude Taking the Evening Ferry (inspired by a ferry trip through the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound northwest of Seattle);  Headlights  (inspired by a nighttime drive near Seattle);  Jeanne (inspired by a woman I knew in Denver in 1985). 

These were written in the early 90s:  Motel Night, Sorrow’s Night, The Expatriate (this is a different version of the story told in my short story “Sudan”) and The Boat.

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