Non-Horror Short Fiction

Here are some links to my published non-horror works to date.  If possible,  the link will lead to a site where the work is currently published.  If the magazine is defunct, the link will lead back to my older website (, where the work can be found.  If neither is possible, there will be no link.

“Sudan” Ascent, 2002.  Reprinted in Through the Gaps, April, 2015.

The Last Sane Man”  Ascent, 2002

The Gator and the Drunk”  Medicinal Purposes Literary Review, 2003

The Creature at the Foot of the Bed” Dream Fantasy International, 2004  “The Creature…” will be reprinted by at a date to be determined.

Journey of the Dead Man” Wilmington Blues, 2004

The View from the Apex of Civilization”  Möbius Magazine, 2004

Prison without Bars”  Dream Fantasy International, 2004

Spirals of Color” Dream Fantasy International, 2004

Warehouses and All”   Six Sentences,  September 22, 2009  This is a very short version of my short story “Sudan” and my poem “The Expatriate”, both of which were based on the same incident, which was told to me while in Egypt in 1989.  This link leads not to another page on this website, but to the Six Sentences website.   This short piece has been well received.  Publisher Robert McEvily of Six Sentences stated: “Terrific piece, Phil.  I’m giving it Express Service!”.  Comments so far received on the Six Sentences website are: “An epic six. Reads like excellent journalism. It says so much and on so many levels. Outstanding.” and “Yes, astounding how much pathos and frustration you can pack into these facts…how horrible”.  Please visit Six Sentences and read the story for yourself.

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