Official Author's Photo from March, 2015
Official Author’s Photo
from March, 2015

Phil Slattery currently works for the federal government, but his passion is for literature and writing, for which he has always had a knack. He has always loved to read , even reading the stories of Edgar Allan Poe at a young age as well as stories from Greek mythology. His knack for language and linguistics first showed in high school when he studied Latin and German, receiving high grades in each. Language became a major part of his life when he attended Eastern Kentucky University and obtained a B.A. with a double major in German and Russian.  While at university, he also studied Spanish, French, Latin, and Greek, though without obtaining a degree in any of those. As part of his studies, he spent several courses and many hours in studying German and Russian literature in addition to studying the languages.  He went on to start a graduate program in German at the University of Kentucky, but joined the Navy as an Intelligence officer before completion.

While in the Navy, his passion for literature gradually intensified. He read a lot of American and English literature (especially the classic American authors such as Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Poe, Melville, etc.) and contemporary American poetry (such as Merwin, W.C. Williams, the Beat poets, John Berryman, Theodore Roethke, James Merrill, etc.), and began writing poetry. Several of his poems were published by small magazines. Some can still be found on the Internet.

After leaving the Navy in 1996, his love for poetry morphed into a passion for prose and he began reading more American and English novels and short stories, occasionally branching out into the literature of other nations.  Around that time, he also developed an interest in horror and in writing short horror stories. He also began to work on several ideas he had for novels in the horror and science fiction genres.

Shadows and Stars cover 2

After several starts (and delays caused by life in general), Phil is finally about to complete his first novel, Shadows and Stars, a science-fiction/horror story about an American astrophysicist who teleports to another planet and become caught up as pawn between the government and rebels in a revolution. Phil hopes to complete this book by Fall, 2020. After that he has two more novels in the works to complete.

Phil has published many short stories, some of which can be found on the Internet, but the best of which he has put in collections, along with two short novelettes, which are available for purchase at amazon.com/author/philslattery.  These span the genres. Follow this link to my Published Works page to find out more.

In late 2015, Phil founded the Farmington (New Mexico) Writers’ Circle, which focuses on the publicity and marketing of writers works, rather than on the art of writing.

In December 2020, Phil resurrected a long-dead project of establishing an online magazine called The Chamber.  It has been steadily growing since them and as of April 19, 2021, it has had over 8,000 hits and has about 15-270+ views per day. Contributors and readers come from around the world with some, like Niles Reddick (England) and Marcelo Medone (Argentina) being established, professional authors. 

In 2021, Phil started Slattery Publishing to bring several of his endeavors under one roof. Currently, Slattery Publishing publishes only Phil’s works and blank notebooks (with beautiful covers) via Amazon.  Hopefully, production will expand soon to include other works. Go to the Books link on the website’s homepage to see what is available.

Phil can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and LinkedIn, and elsewhere but this is his primary website/weblog.

To find out more and Phil Slattery and his views on writing and literature, follow this link to Phil’s interview on Nocturne for Bookscharming.com.

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  1. I really like your wordpress page, very friendly, intriguing. Thanks for being so generous with your information and sharing! I too love horror. Brian Evenson. Is writing some of the greatest horror of our day. His ability to utilize perception, perspectives, telling a story from many points of view, or from unconventional points of view – to bring about the psychological commentary – the reflection of experience in disproportion to societal-realities. His writing, is masterful. – Check him out.

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  2. Phil, we have an original picture from 1890 of H. H. Holmes and Benjamin Pitezel doing an autopsy over a cadaver. Please contact us.
    Jacque Walker
    Cedar Rapids, IA


  3. Horror… I have to dabble on that for sure. And we have another thing in common, both have been in the military. Although I just got to corporal in the infantry, I hate water and boats. You’re very educated man and obviously very qualified for this job, and I also had to add that the last comment that this Jacque Walker said, it was kind of weird. But since you write horror,….that comment might actually give me and idea to write about.


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