Covers of The Chamber on YouTube

Check out The Chamber’s latest YouTube video about the The Chamber’s cover images.

For those of you who don’t go to YouTube or go to it very little, The Chamber Magazine has a nascent presence on YouTube. So far, most of the videos have been test videos that were experiments as I was learning basic video production programs and how to utilize YouTube. Above is my most recent video, which premiered on February 15, 2022. It shows the cover image for each issue of The Chamber in 2021. It’s brief, only a couple of minutes, but it is pleasantly entertaining. Check it out. Stop by The Chamber’s YouTube channel whenever you can. I don’t update it regularly, but I do try to produce artistic videos as best as I can.

While there, check out the playlists I have created. These are various combinations of assorted music to be played in the background while reading or doing housework or chillaxin’ or whenever.

“A Tale of Hell…” Nice Write-up on Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble has a nice write-up on A Tale of Hell and Other Works of Horror.

I was surfing the Internet tonight and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Barnes & Noble has done a nice write-up on A Tale of Hell and Other Works of Horror. They apparently went to a little effort to nicely copy the Overview, Editorial Reviews, and even my bio notes from the information I provided to IngramSpark and format them beautifully. I haven’t garnered any reviews of it on Barnes & Noble yet, so if you have read ATOH, please provide one either on the Barnes & Noble site or somewhere on the Internet. Visit the Barnes & Noble page when you can.