Introducing Slattery Publishing

So that I now have books on IngramSpark and Amazon and have created The Chamber Magazine and have some items on Zazzle and am constantly exploring other possible online businesses, I have decided to bring them all under the organizational umbrella of Slattery Publishing. Expand this article to read more…

I have decided to push Slattery Publishing a bit more as a business.

I created Slattery Publishing (not an official, established, incorporated company, just a one-man operation) to get a check in the box when I published A Tale of Hell and Other Works of Horror on IngramSpark. The form requested a publisher, so I gave them that name. Slattery Publishing also had a different logo originally. The current logo is another spur of the moment decision.

So that I now had books on IngramSpark and Amazon and was creating The Chamber Magazine and had some items on Zazzle and was constantly exploring other possible online businesses, I decided to bring them all under the organizational umbrella of Slattery Publishing.

As you know, I have published my works on Amazon and one at IngramSpark as well. Recently, while watching some YouTube videos, I became interested in publishing no or low content books as an additional line of income. They are relatively easy to make and may bring in another cash flow if handled right.

If you are not familiar with no/low content books, these are books like journals and diaries and blank books (no content) and coloring books and puzzles, etc. (low content books).

I have not tried to create any low content books yet, but I have created several on Amazon. They are fun and easy to make. I made a few test samples, which are at These I made with no title or subtitle as those would be on the amazon page anyway and I did not want to limit possible buyers to a particular subject. A simple photo can be seen as representing many things, but once a title is added, those possibilities are narrowed considerably. But then, I found out that Amazon indexes by title and subtitles and it’s easier to recognize the purpose of a book if it has a title. Therefore, my next several books all had titles and subtitles.

Once I started creating these books, my creativity took hold and I found it was hard for me to stop creating these. I decided to start afresh with the journals and to keep them separate from my personal Amazon account, so that my few works of fiction wouldn’t be lost in the deluge of no-content books. Therefore, I created a separate Amazon account for Slattery Publishing.

I have created several notebooks so far. I am trying to make them incredibly beautiful and colorful, so that they catch eyes wandering over hundreds of notebooks trying to find the prettiest one or the one that best suits their philosophy or mood or whatever. Also, I now try to give them titles that reflect a certain subject, which is represented by the cover art. I also put a watermark related to the subject on each page and all the pages are numbered. Although most “blank books” don’t do this, I would find it useful if I ever wanted to jot down where I could find a specific note or create a table of contents or whatever. I also make them often in large sizes (8.5 x 11) with 200-300 pages so that the owner make copious notes. I also make some in a more convenient 6 x 9 size and I will experiment with other sizes as my creative side develops.

So, check out the notebooks at the links above and see which you think is the most beautiful and eye-catching. If you really like something, let me know, so that I can expand on that line. If you see something you don’t like, let me know, so that I can improve the marketability of my books and Slattery Publishing will be able to produce better books.

A few examples of the covers are below. you can find all at Slattery Publishing.

Be forewarned: as these are new, there may be a few glitches on Amazon’s part. I spot-checked one and it had someone else’s interior. All mine will have numbered pages and a watermark on each page. Nothing else at this point, though I will probably introduce lined pages soon.

More choices are available at Slattery Publishing.

Author: S.P. Staff

Slattery Publishing Staff.

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