Call for Submissions: Seeking Essay on Contemporary Dark Romanian Literature

Here’s a good opportunity for someone seeking publication in a US magazine.

The Chamber Magazine

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With our recent publication of several works of Bogdan Dragos along with his interview with The Chamber, the amount of The Chamber’s website visitors from Romania has rocketed.

Outside of Dracula, very few Americans would be able to name another literary work or a movie set in Romania. There are some horror movies set in Romania, but these rarely make it anywhere near the mainstream of American media and entertainment.

Now, I am curious about what the state of contemporary Romanian literature is like, particularly with regards to dark literature.

Therefore I am issuing a call for submissions from a Romanian writer for an essay on contemporary dark literature in Romania. The essay should be about 2,000 words or less in keeping with The Chamber’s format. Up to three photos may accompany the article. If I get submissions from more than…

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The Chamber Magazine is Seeking Dark Fiction and Poetry

The Chamber Magazine is seeking articles, reviews, essays, poems, and short stories of approximately 2,000 words (more or less) including flash, micro fiction, smoke longs, drabbles or of any flavor of short fiction that demonstrates the art of writing dark fiction, whether it be prose, poetry, one-act plays, or any other form of literature.  We want to showcase the genre in all its subtlety, intelligence, art, horror, terror, suspense, thrill-seeking, and gruesome detail. We will accept dark humor provided it follows the guidelines below with regards to content and good taste.

To be good short fiction, the shorter a work is, the more power it must pack.

There is no pay for publication, but the author retains all rights. Reprints are acceptable. Multiple submissions of up to three works per submission are permitted. Simultaneous submissions are permitted, but you must tell us if the work has been accepted elsewhere. We usually respond within a week. Works generally appear a month after acceptance.

More details about submissions are available on the website.

Send submissions and queries to