Reading books (Abercrombie, Kerouac and DeLillo) — magicandbeauty

“A Little Hatred” (by Joe Abercrombie) – a novel for people who love action and epic fiction. Abercrombie is a gifted genre writer. He opens a new trilogy of fantastic adventure called “The Age of Madness” trilogy. “The age of machines has dawned, but the age of magic refuses to die. With the […]

Reading books (Abercrombie, Kerouac and DeLillo) — magicandbeauty

Ugly truths — Reena Saxena

Originally posted on paeansunpluggedblog: “inkblots mutate to form pictures, alphabets, stories I did not create” In my mind’s eye the words are perfectly aligned arranged and arraigned tasked to perform prettily when I sit down to spill ink they assume shapes of their own writing stories I did not dictate! Photo by mikoto.raw from Pexels…

Ugly truths — Reena Saxena