Marketing: New Headers for My WordPress Website

I am taking full advantage of randomizing the headers on my WordPress website. The headers I have developed so far are designed primarily to be attractive and to identify the website. However, soon I will be developing more headers that will promote my books with one header for each book. If I am feeling creative, I may start developing more than one for each book. Below are the ones I have so far.

Note that posting them here, a button pops up to post each on Pinterest. That is another I am putting them all here. After posting them, I will post each header on Pinterest too for even greater exposure.

I like to kill two marketing birds with one stone.

I am learning a few tricks as I go. The biggest one is to keep the text to the vertical center of the banner, because the header frame may crop the tops and bottoms a little.

All the photos are from the public domain, either or

For my photo editor for cropping and text I use, which is free.

These are very easy to do and improve the look of the site immensely and keep the site from being boring by repeating one header image endlessly.


Slattery Magazine
Banner for LinkedIn
Also my new banner for LinkedIn as of August 19, 2020
new twitter banner
Also my new Twitter banner
Slattery's Magazine


Author: S.P. Staff

Slattery Publishing Staff.

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