From YouTube: Wicca Explained

I saw this while at lunch today. This is quite an interesting introduction to what is and is not the Wiccan religion. I thought this might be something that might appeal to my audience considering that Halloween is almost upon us.

I discovered the YouTube channel ReligionforBreakfast recently and I enjoy it a lot. I have always had an interest in spiritual matters, particularly regarding how they relate to Christianity (you may see hints of this crop up in my writing from time to time). The host, Andrew Henry, does a excellent job is presenting his videos and an outstanding job in researching them from a scholarly perspective. I highly recommend following this channel if you have an interest in the history of Christianity.

In this episode, Andrew veers from his usual subjects and explores the origins and beliefs of Wicca. There are some surprising revelations in this video, but if you check out his sources, you will see that his findings have been well researched.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.

Hasta luego.

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