Now Accepting Submissions Inspired by the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Phil Slattery
March, 2015

I am now open to publishing stories, poetry, and other literary genres and material inspired by the Coronavirus Pandemic. I am not looking for journalism or documentary material. There is no pay or other reward except the honor and pleasure of being published on my website.

I feel there are people out there whose voices on the pandemic need to be heard.

I am not looking for anything dismal, depressing or horrific. I want just true heartfelt fiction and poetry that may help others in their struggle, even if that help is just in letting them know they are not alone.

All stories and poetry should be submitted in accordance with my existing guidelines.


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Prevent the spread of the Coronavirus/COVID-19. Follow federal, state, and local guidelines. Use common sense when the guidelines are insufficient.

Quarantine — Moonlighting Scrivener

This quarantine I lost a few things. The struggle of locating car keys in the morning got replaced by a quiet cup of tea while dad read the morning news out loud. The scramble to cook and pack breakfast and lunch into multiple tiffin boxes सlowed down into serene hours spent in the kitchen learning […]

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LUNGS – a poem by Lorrine A Graham… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

Lungs, give me time To say I’m sorry. To my parents who will grieve for me To my children who will suffer for me To any children who might have been if they had had the chance of life. To my friends whose life I changed for the worst. To my mind Tortured beyond endurance […]

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Dominik Barta: Vom Land — Poesierausch

In einem idyllischen Dorf in Oberösterreich trifft sich die große Welt im Kleinen. Dominik Barta nimmt die heile Welt in seinem Debütroman Vom Land (Zsolnay) maßgerecht auseinander, und zwar mit einer guten Portion Wut und Liebe. Es gibt eine Tendenz zum Mikrokosmos. Das Geschehen der großen weiten Welt im Brennglas eines klitzekleinen Fleckens zu zeigen,…

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