Autumn Cozy on YouTube: Pub Ambience

Working on a play in Hasting’s Hardback Café, late evening, October 16, 2015.

I found this tonight while looking for something to play in the background while working on Shadows and Stars. This is exactly the kind of place where I love to write, usually with some coffee or tea in a cheap spiral notebook and a simple, but quality pen. I have tried writing while drinking and it usually doesn’t work out for me if I drink anything other than wine. Wine, though, seems a comfortable drink to have while scribbling down whatever drifts into my consciousness and having a small, good quality cigar. Since I don’t drink anymore, I have only fond memories of these places.

In fact, I enjoyed this type of place so much and am so comfortable in that environment, that I will probably be playing this video a LOT at night while I write. Night is the best time to play this video, particularly with the light downs to match those in the pub. When I play an ambience video like this, I like to make my surroundings as close as possible resemble the scene in the video, so that I can almost feel being in that place. In the daytime, I like to play videos that show a woods in the daytime, as that is what I see out my window next to where I write on my laptop.

On the other hand, I would be perfectly at home in this setting with friends, new found friends or old friends, just smoking and joking (as they say in the Navy) and getting slowly wasted, but not so wasted that I couldn’t make it out the door to a cab.

If you read my previous post, you know this is the kind of place I would love to gather a small circle of friends to discuss book reviews like Clifford Sargeant does on Better than Food.

I intend to write up some of my experiences of those bygone days, though they will be changed enough to be classified as fiction and people’s names will be changed to protect the guilty.

This video is three hours long, but if you watch the first minute you will get the idea. Try watching it sometime on a rainy night with the lights out while enjoying your favorite adult beverage or smoke.

Better than Food Book Review: Black Spring by Henry Miller

Corpus Christi,, 2005

If I haven’t said this before, I love Cliff Sargeant’s book reviews. He discusses them as if you were just sitting with him in his house having coffee or in a bar having a beer, and not in any boring, monotonous scholarly way either. His reviews seem to come straight from the heart out of a genuine love for literature. He seems to connect on some spiritual level with many of the books he reviews. He is excited about them. I haven’t been able to find him on Goodreads yet. I’m sure, that, if he is on Goodreads, his list must be immense. Check out his channel at Better than Food.

I watched this one about half an hour ago. I read Tropic of Cancer several years ago. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Miller was living the kind of life I wanted to live at the time, drunk, rambunctious, full of sex and smoke-filled rooms. I have always felt that, though I felt I should live in a more intellectual fashion, in the sense of looking out from the ivory tower and down upon the world, I am more cut out for the Henry Miller lifestyle, which is a hell of a ride, but came close to being my undoing once or twice. I miss those times. I never enjoyed being absolutely schnockered, but I did love living the night life with a nearly consistent buzz and a pack of small, Nicaraguan cigars in my pocket and my eye on every woman that entered the bar. But those days are long gone and I am now living a quiet, temperate life deep in the Arkansas woods. I still love the spirit of Tropic of Cancer though.

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