Possible New Cover for Sorcerer

I’m thinking of changing the cover of my short story collection Sorcerer. What do you think of this? Does it grab the eye? Does it make you curious to pick it up and find out more? How do the fonts look? Are they boring or cliche? Does their placement draw you across the text? Would this be better for Kindle, print, or both? Does it capture the spirit of the book? Drop a comment and let me know.

Michael Madsen’s Quarantine Reservoir Dogs (Video) — DRUNK IN A GRAVEYARD

Friends of the graveyard and longtime listeners of the podcast will be familiar with our deep love of Michael Madsen. He’s a genre actor, a jovial mess, a poet, and one heck of a bangable babe, and in 2017 he was even the winner of our highly prestigious Whole Hog – Hogfather of the year […]

via Michael Madsen’s Quarantine Reservoir Dogs (Video) — DRUNK IN A GRAVEYARD