Poster for Midland County, TX, Spelling Bee

My new promotional poster, which I will probably use a lot in the future.

My wife, who is a fourth grade teacher in Midland, TX, has asked me to be a judge of their county spelling bee. Of course, I readily accepted. When I was in about the 4th grade, I took eighth place in our county spelling bee in Franklin County, KY. In fact I think I placed eighth or something similar two years in a row.

You’ll note on the poster that my book covers are the old ones I just replaced, except for Shadows and Stars, of course. Fran wisely decided that most of the new covers are not suitable for fourth grade or for any elementary grade for that matter.  She also used an older photo of me, which makes me seem more professional than the one I frequently use now.

In any case, my wife, Francene, designed this beautiful poster to promote me and my qualifications to be a spelling bee judge. The bee takes place on January 24. I will keep you posted as to how it goes.

Hasta Luego.