The Month in Horror Releases: October —

October hardly needs an introduction (especially from me), so let’s dig right in because there’s a lot to be excited about this Halloween season. There’s a release each week this month that you’ll probably want to check out, so mark your calendars (or just check back here) and start planning your Halloween-watching list. Some of […]

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Welsh writer Jo Lloyd wins £15,000 BBC National Short Story Award. — Literary Hub

The 2019 BBC National Short Story Award, partnered with Cambridge University, has just announced that this year’s winner is Welsh writer Jo Lloyd for the story “The Invisible,” inspired by the life of an 18th-century woman from Carnarvonshire who claimed to be friends with an invisible family living in an invisible mansion. Jo Lloyd, photo…

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THE CROW Twitter Watch Party – Tonight —

Horror Addicts, in honor of the new book release, Requiem in Frost, and Jonathan Fortin would like to invite you to a Twitter Watch Party! We’ll be watching the dark and brooding beauty of 1994’s The Crow, beginning at 8 pm PST tonight. So, pop your popcorn, take a seat, and get your tweet on. […]

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Your Language Determines Your Audience — Learning to write

I bring you another guest blog post. This one was written by Phil Rosen, and it is precisely what I envisioned when I set out to feature guest bloggers. It is an excellent piece, and more importantly, it teaches me something about writing. I feel compelled to wax-lyrical about this piece, but I shall let […]

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Phil Slattery’s Sci-Fi Novelette “Alien Embrace” is Available on Amazon Kindle and in Print

Logan Rickover, owner of a hardware store in a small town in Kentucky, has lucid dreams of life as an astronaut that intrude upon his life at any moment. Which of his lives is real? The quiet paradise of Danville or the terrifying jungle world of Stheno D?

This novelette is a terrific read for those who have only a quick break to take a breather and escape to another reality.  In this sci-fi thriller, I endeavor to blur the boundaries between alien-induced hallucinations, the brutal reality of the present, and memories of an idyllic past.

Ron Baker calls it “Nightmare Planet”, gives it five stars, and comments: “This short has exactly what I like in science fiction: planet exploration and bizarre otherworldly aliens, in this case insectoid. The horrendous purpose the aliens have for the hapless astronauts who make planetfall to find the numerous previous missing exploration teams is grisly. I love the mystery of the planet and the authors device of alternating from the aliens bizarre perspective then switching to the astronauts point of view.”

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Nocturne… is available on

July 29, 2019

My poetry collection Nocturne: Poems of Love, Distance, and the Night, a callous and disinterested lover is available in several Amazon markets worldwide including (France). Here is a synopsis of the books details from for September 30, 2019 (unfortunately, the book is still in English, unless someone wants to translate it into French-my French isn’t that good):

Détails sur le produit