Update: June 3, 2019, 6:01 p.m.

Back home now. Here are a few photos I snapped along the way. The tall, red cliffs are north of the town of Thoreau. The bizarre rock formations are along the highway as it passes through the Bisti badlands. A couple are just of the road to show the expansiveness of New Mexico. I had no earth-shattering ideas for the novel on my return.

Marketing Test

Phil Slattery, 2015

For at least the next few weeks, I will be testing advertising my works at various times to see how that will affect book sales.  For example, you probably saw the same announcements for Diabolical and Alien Embrace at least four times (every six hours) each on a few days, sometimes in sequence, to see if that not only affects sales in the US, but around the globe as well. My followers in other countries occasionally purchase a work, but I have to ask myself if this is because of the difference in time zones and because I have been making announcements only once per day. For example, if I announce a book is available at 8:00 eastern standard time (EST) in the US, which is an optimal time to advertise in the US, that announcement reaches people in India around 5:30 pm, which may or may not be a time when the announcement will reach the most viewers.

What gave me this ideas is noticing that since I have started advertising my works once per day at 8:00 EST, my readership in India has picked up. Therefore, I am experimenting to determine the optimal times to reach a worldwide audience.

Unfortunately, this will clutter this website with the same repeated ads, so I will run these multiple ads only sporadically.  I will not be doing this every day.

You will also start seeing the occasional article in another language as part of the effort to reach a global audience.  This articles will be most likely be in German, French, or Spanish, all of which I can speak or read to some degree.  A translation may or may not be provided.

Update: June 3, 2019, 2:29 p.m.

I traveled to Milan, NM, today on (non-writing) business. It’s about a 5-6 hour round trip from Aztec, so I am glad I brought along my voice recorder to take notes on the road for Shadows and Stars… I have already recorded a couple. I have concluded my business and have just finished lunch at El Ranchero Mexican restaurant in Milan and am about to head home. I had tacos 🌮 al pastor, which were good. I have eaten here before and it is a nice, quaint place with tasty food.

Phil Slattery’s Sci-Fi Novelette “Alien Embrace” Is Free on Amazon Kindle Today

In celebration of the first American space walk (EVA) on this date in 1965 by Ed White in Gemini 4, my novelette Alien Embrace is free on Amazon Kindle today.

In Alien Embrace, Logan Rickover, owner of a hardware store in a small town in Kentucky, has lucid dreams of life as an astronaut that intrude upon his life at any moment. Which of his lives is real? The quiet paradise of Danville or the terrifying jungle world of Stheno D?

Ron Baker commented, “This short has exactly what I like in science fiction: planet exploration and bizarre otherworldly aliens, in this case insectoid. The horrendous purpose the aliens have for the hapless astronauts who make planetfall to find the numerous previous missing exploration teams is grisly. I love the mystery of the planet and the authors device of alternating from the aliens bizarre perspective then switching to the astronauts point of view.”

I will be offering more of my works for free in the upcoming weeks.  Check back often.

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