Update: June 1, 2019, 12:11 pm

Sitting at home now, laundry finished (except putting away), toying with social media, and listening to the Enigma channel on I❤️Radio. I love this channel and have loved Enigma for years. Besides Enigma, they play a lot of Enigma-like groups and singers (e.g. Dido, Robert Miles, Lesiem, etc.). Their music captures a spirit I would like to capture in my writing, which I will starting soon for the day.

“The Scent and Other Stories: the Dark Side of Love” is Available on Amazon Kindle and in Print

In this collection of short stories, I explore the dark, sometimes violent, sometimes twisted, sometimes touching side of love, the side kept not only from public view, but sometimes from our mates. Set in the modern era, these stories range from regretting losing a lover to forbidden interracial love in the hills of 1970’s Kentucky to a mother’s deathbed confession in present-day New Mexico to debating pursuing a hateful man’s wife to the callous manipulation of a lover in Texas.

To read a sample and to view my other works as well, visit my Amazon author’s page at: www.amazon.com/author/philslattery.

Praise for Stories Contained in “The Scent and Other Stories”:

The Scent

“This story has a lovely dreamy quality whilst being unsettling too. It lingers on half processed emotional experiences and leaves the reader asking ‘what if’ and ‘if only’ – feelings that are familiar for so many people.”

“You wrote about something we can all relate to – how, out of the blue, the scent of something evokes a memory of something long past; and the emotions we felt at the time! A clever story …”

“This descriptive piece about remembrance, the thought of what might have been, is a common sad thread that will resonate with those have experienced the pain of that one love lost. Slattery’s use of scent was exquisite as we feel Quinn’s pain and hope that he finds his peace, at last.”


“Fantastic writing – I held my breath for most of the story. The descriptions of the countryside and the people were beautiful and the tension compelling. This could possibly be the start of a novel or a suite of stories. Thank you very much and good luck with your writing in the future”

“Suspenseful and engaging. The dialogue and descriptions kept pace with the action. Well done.”

A Good Man

“Lots of detail examining an old question of how do you judge a person’s life. It left me wondering.”

“Great job capturing the social climate of the sixties. Good choice for how to present the story – deathbed “confession” by the mother. I enjoyed it.”

The Slightest of Indiscretions

“Excellent writing brings this poignant story to life and makes the reader work to understand more of what might be. Very many thanks for a satisfying, emotionally intelligent read…”

If you enjoy poems about love, check out my poetry collection Nocturne: Poems of Love, Distance, and the Night, a callous and disinterested lover.


Update: June 1, 2019, 2:50 a.m.

I did some writing at Olive Garden tonight after having supper. I just now finished typing it into Shadows and Stars Lying down. It was only about five hundred words, but the idea for it has been bugging me for the past several days.

In Shadows and Stars Lying Down, the protagonist, Daryn, and his bodyguard, Sero, walk upon a monk’s (Sato’s) cabin in the deep forest.  I am really fascinated by the possibilities to describe the new religions and anti-religions that exist on this planet, so I spend sometime developing them, though I do not want the novel to be dominated by them by any means.

Sato is becoming something of a pivotal figure in at least the first half of the novel. So I have Daryn and him discuss Sato’s beliefs briefly, but then I have Daryn read from one of the journals that Sato keeps.  Here are a few bullets from Sato’s writings to give you an idea of what they are. I invented these based on my readings from philosophy and theology. There are several more in addition to these.

  • Mud gives us something from which to raise ourselves.
  • The spiritual man is a warrior, and, in the city, like a warrior, he is too engaged in battling his enemies to engage in thought.
  • Unlike man, insects do not kill those of their own species for pleasure.
  • Healthy animals kill only out of need.
  • To a dying man, diamonds are only pretty stones.
  • Some insects live twenty years underground as grub worms, before emerging into the daylight as flies only to live just long enough to spawn then die. Men think of this as the mature stage in the life of the fly, but to the fly is it not death? His life has been underground. Perhaps a man’s life is only the death stage of his existence and his actual life, much longer, sadly forgotten, was before birth. Many would like to believe this is the grub stage of our existence and we will be flies in the next.

Maybe I will post more tomorrow.  I hope to spend most of the day writing.