Post Dramatic Theatre Notes

Phil Slattery, 2015

I have been watching Tom Nicholas’s “What the Theory?” on YouTube.  The episode was about postdramatic theatre, which is an interesting concept.  As I understand it based on this video, postdramatic theatre eschews all the accepted principles of theatre that have been around for so many thousands of years that they are intuitive:  logical sequence or chronology, having reasons for changes, having a coherent narrative, the “fourth wall”, etc.

To me this is a mind-blowing, liberating concept.

Granted, I am no dramaturge.

But the trashing of this intuitive norm opens up thousands of possibilities.  The playwright now has unlimited freedom to do whatever he wants in order to convey whatever message or emotion or concept that he wants.

Of course, this opens up the question of where does postdramatic theatre end and performance art begin?  The boundaries are becoming very nebulous.

Thoughts?  Opinions? Suggestions?

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